Groupe Mancini


Le vingt55

Le vingt552055 ave. Desjardins, Montréal

Le West Hill

Le West Hill79 ave. Elm, Beaconsfield

Le St. Grégoire

Le St. Grégoire1720 rue St-Grégoire, Montréal


Who are we?

A Montreal-based real estate group with an accomplished portfolio of residential projects, Groupe Mancini offers a diversity of services including development, construction and general contractor services, as well as major renovations and property management.

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What do we value?

Rooted in a strong family history, we value the integrity and work ethic taught us by our forerunners, while embracing a forward-thinking approach to innovation, sustainability, and design. While our high-quality construction and appealing aesthetic are second to none, what we are most proud of over the years are the solid relationships we have built with our partners.

Integrity. Innovation.
Execution. Excellence.

We see each project we undertake as a reflection of who we are, so we hold ourselves to the highest standard in every aspect of what we do. We believe in social responsibility, so we make sure to give back to our community. We operate with honesty and integrity.
And we always deliver.

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